Social Media Database

Social Media Database is an enterprise solution that comprises of a SQL Server-based Data Warehouse solution as well as a PowerBI-based Business Intelligence solution. The Data Warehouse solution is powered by select SIFISO tools for SSIS and is used to extract Facebook and Twitter data. On the other hand, the Business Intelligence solution uses PowerBI to visualise and analyse information extracted into the Data Warehouse.

You can track just about anything using this solution from a specific product to a marketing campaign. Some of the predefined measures include:

  • Sentiment Analysis of Tweets and Facebook Posts
  • Number of Tweets and Facebook comments over a given time period
  • Breakdown of Tweets by Platform (i.e. TweetDeck, Android for Twitter, Twitter Web Client etc.)
  • Trending keyphrases based off Tweets and Facebook comments

Get a free copy of your Social Media Database by contacting us on Twitter, Email and Telephone (+27 72 982 8439).

Below are examples of some information that we have tracked for search terms “DSTV“, “Ster-Kinekor”, “Gautrain“, and “Nedbank“. You can also request a once-off free Social Media Database dashboard of a search term of your own choosing.

Sign into PowerBI using and the password is P@ssw0rd1.

DSTV DashboardSter-Kinekor Dashboard
DSTV DashboardSter-Kinekor Dashboard
Gautrain DashboardNedbank Dashboard
Gautrain DashboardNedbank Dashboard


Social Media Database is available in both on-prem as well as in the cloud using Microsoft Azure. The on-prem solution requires an Enterprise license of select SIFISO tools for SSIS. The cloud-based solution is available on subscription basis (monthly and yearly).

How to Purchase

Because Social Media Database is an enterprise solution, it could be used differently from one organisation to another, we have to setup a customised solution that meets your requirement.

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